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76mmBased on 76mm’s CMRT Map Database.

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Key :

  • Type :
    • SC for Scenario.
    • QB for QuickBattle.
    • MA for Master Map.
  • Size: in meters, width x depth.
  • Preview: click on the link to pen up a page in a new tab with an « editor » (2D)  or « bird’s-eye » (3D) map preview.
  • Cover:
    • Broken: Generally open ground, but with many small obstructions which break line of sight.
    • Mixed: Terrain with large blocks of both open terrain and wooded terrain.
    • Open: Generally open ground.
    • Swamp: Swampy ground with heavy vegetation.
    • Urban: Densely built-up urban terrain.
    • Wooded: Generally wooded terrain, with some open fields, etc.
  • Relief:
    • Flat: Generally flat ground.
    • Hilly: Ground with small hills.
    • Rolling: Ground with limited but frequent changes of elevation.
  • Buildings:
    • City: Densely built-up urban area.
    • Farm: A single or small number of buildings intended for agricultural purposes.
    • Scattered: A small number of random buildings scattered around the terrain.
    • Town: A settlement with either a fairly large number of simple buildings or a smaller number of more solid buildings.
    • Village: A settlement bigger than a farm but smaller than a town.

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SCA Lot too Late1440 x 10082D - 3DOpenRollingFarmDirtStreamModeratekevinkin
SCAmbush608 x 9282D - 3DOpenRollingVillagePaved----Scipio
SCAmongst the Ruins208 x 2082D - 3DUrbanFlatCityRails--HeavySeinfeldRules
SCAngriff1024 x 10242D - 3DOpenFlatVillageDirt----
SCAssault1072 x 11842D - 3DWoodedHillyFarmDirtRiver--
SCAssault Position1024 x 10242D - 3DMixedRollingVillageDirt----SeinfeldRules
SCAugustow Plague Boil2640 x 16002D - 3DWoodedFlatFarmDirt----
SCBaranovichi960 x 28482D - 3DWoodedFlatVillageDirt----
SCBattle Royale1216 x 12642D - 3DUrbanHillyCityPavedPlage--Jari Mikkonen
SCBehnke Hilft1008 x 8962D - 3DMixedRollingVillageDirt--ModerateSteiner14
SCBeutezug800 x 10082D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirtStream--
SCBitvagorod880 x 5762D - 3DUrbanFlatCityRailsPlageHeavyUmlaut
SCBlock Busting in Bokruisk928 x 2082D - 3DUrbanRollingCityDirt----Andrew Bodicky
SCBlood on the Tracks1232 x 8482D - 3DScatteredFlatTownDirtStreamModerateSnake Eye
SCBobr1008 x 10082D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirtRiver--Hoth
SCBranderburger Surprise1952 x 10722D - 3DMixedFlatTownPaved----GhostRider
SCBrigde and Ford1024 x 8162D - 3DMixedFlatVillagePaved/RailsRiverModeratemirekm61
SCBroshka1008 x 10082D - 3DOpenRollingTownDirt----76mm
SCBunkers Burning832 x 6722D - 3DOpenFlatScatteredRails--Heavy
SCCarius at Malinava2900 x 34082D - 3DOpenRollingTownDirtStream--George MC
SCCherkasskoye1008 x 10562D - 3DOpenFlatVillageDirt--LightsHoth
SCClash of Titans3152 x 28642D - 3DOpenFlatVillageGravel/RailsRiver--GhostRider
SCCutting the Line208 x 3682D - 3DUrbanHillyTownPaved--HeavySonar
SCDash for the Bridge1280 x 2082D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved--ModerateAndrew Bodicky
SCDash for the Bridge TWC2000 x 10082D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPavedRiverModerateMichael Dorosh
SCDawn Patrol896 x 7042D - 3DOpenFlatNoneDirt--Moderate
SCDead of Night400 x 4002D - 3DOpenFlatNoneRails--Heavy
SCDelaying Action at Ogledow1200 x 10082D - 3DScatteredFlatTownDirt----Kinscherf
SCDer Ring der 5 Panzer Division3040 x 45602D - 3DScatteredRollingTownPavedStream--George MC
SCEast Prussia Defense2480 x 27202D - 3DOpenRollingScatteredPaved/RailsStream--SnakeEye
SCEscaping the Noose704 x 5122D - 3DWoodedFlatNoneDirtSwamp--Apocal
SCEye of the Needle1008 x 16002D - 3DWoodedFlatVillageDirtSwamp--
SCEyes of the Corps1504 x 5122D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirt----Kinscherf
SCFarms480 x 5122D - 3DWoodedRollingFarmDirt----kevinkin
SCFarmyard Skirmish912 x 5602D - 3DMixedFlatVillageDirt----SeinfeldRules
SCFester Flatz Polozk704 x 5442D - 3DUrbanFlatCityDirtRiverHeavyPanzerMike
SCFire Brigade von Saucken1232 x 15682D - 3DOpenFlatVillagePaved----PanzerMike
SCFords400 x 3202D - 3DScatteredRollingTownDirtRiver--kevinkin
SCFrozen Rope560 x 3682D - 3DWoodedRollingFarmDirtStream--kevinkin
SCGarden of the Iron Cross304 x 5282D - 3DOpenRollingNoneDirt--Heavykohlenklau
SCGates of Warsaw1504 x 23202D - 3DOpenFlatTownPaved----PanzerMike
SCGD Counteratt Wilkowischken880 x 17602D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirtStream--Michael Dorosh
SCGD Delaying Action400 x 12802D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirt----Michael Dorosh
SCGD Panzergeist1424 x 11362D - 3DScatteredHillyNone------Michael Dorosh
SCGetting Ugly1936 x 11682D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirtRiver--
SCGift for Guderian800 x 8002D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageGravelRiver--Bootie
SCGog&Magog2480 x 22242D - 3DOpenRollingFarmDirtStream--
SCGorbatzewich Roadblock800 x 8002D - 3DMixedRollingVillageDirt----SeinfeldRules
SCHappy New Year Major Bake624 x 6242D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirtStreamLightskevinkin
SCHill 621 Redux960 x 9602D - 3DScatteredHillyVillagePaved----Michael Dorosh
SCHitting the Flank560 x 5602D - 3DScatteredRollingVillagePaved----SeinfeldRules
SCHunting for the Bug2992 x 16002D - 3DOpenFlatNoneDirt----
SCInterlock OP560 x 4802D - 3DMixedFlatVillageDirt/Rails----SeinfeldRules
SCInto Lithuania752 x 7202D - 3DScatteredRollingVillagePaved----SeinfeldRules
SCJewel1008 x 10082D - 3DOpenRollingFarmGravelStream--Nelson1812
SCKaloz2160 x 29282D - 3DOpenFlatTownPavedStream--Hoth
SCKarasilis1008 x 10082D - 3DMixedFlatFarmDirt/RailsStream--Bootie
SCLast Sunrise over Antonov544 x 8642D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt--HeavyMichael Jones
SCMine Mill Mountain320 x 6562D - 3DWoodedHillyTownDirt----SeinfeldRules
SCMinsk Express2304 x 13442D - 3DOpenHillyVillageDirt----Fredrik Wallin
SCMonster Mash1936 x 26082D - 3DOpenFlatVillagePaved----Christopher Nelson
SCMyth of Invincibility1440 x 9922D - 3DOpenFlatVillageDirtStreamModerate
SCNemantitsa v13744 x 24962D - 3DOpenFlatTownDirtStream--
SCNemantitsa v23744 x 23682D - 3DOpenFlatTownDirtStream--H1nd
SCNightime Knockout208 x 2082D - 3DOpenFlatFarmDirt--ModerateApocal
SCNo Name Bridge352 x 3522D - 3DScatteredHillyVillageDirtRiver--Kinscherf
SCNo One Escapes1840 x 10082D - 3DOpenFlatVillageDirt--HeavyRepsolCBR
SCOne Last Trench1120 x 13682D - 3DMixedFlatVillageDirt----Julio Cabrera
MAOrsha Master Map 15696 x 24002D - 3DSwampFlatNoneDirtStream--
MAOrsha Master Map 25488 x 33282D - 3DSwampFlatTownDirtCanal--
MAOrsha Master Map 35696 x 30402D - 3DMixedFlatTownPavedStream--
MAOrsha Master Map 45696 x 36002D - 3DMixedFlatVillageDirtStream--
MAOrsha Master Map 55040 x 30402D - 3DMixedFlatTownPavedStream--
SCPanzer Marsch1024 x 10242D - 3DScatteredRollingTownPavedStream--Doug Miller
SCPartisan Vodka1008 x 15042D - 3DWoodedFlatTownGravelRiver--Egger
SCPastureland592 x 4802D - 3DOpenFlatFarmDirt----SeinfeldRules
QBQB0011440 x 10082D - 3DOpenRollingFarmDirt----
QBQB0021200 x 12002D - 3DScatteredHillyNoneDirt----
QBQB0031008 x 10082D - 3DScatteredRollingFarmDirt----
QBQB0041008 x 10082D - 3DMixedHillyNoneDirt----
QBQB0051600 x 12002D - 3DOpenRollingFarmDirt----
QBQB0061056 x 10882D - 3DOpenRollingFarmDirt----
QBQB0071040 x 8482D - 3DScatteredFlatTownDirt----
QBQB0081296 x 9922D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirt----
QBQB0091200 x 10722D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirtStream--
QBQB0101200 x 10082D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirtStream--
QBQB0111120 x 8962D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB012928 x 9922D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB0131968 x 19042D - 3DSwampFlatNoneDirt----
QBQB0141520 x 14082D - 3DMixedFlatVillageDirtSwamp--
QBQB015976 x 4002D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirt----
QBQB016944 x 4002D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB017656 x 6882D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB018624 x 6082D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB019544 x 8482D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirt----
QBQB020640 x 6402D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirt----
QBQB021416 x 8482D - 3DScatteredRollingVillagePaved----
QBQB022624 x 4322D - 3DScatteredRollingVillagePaved----
QBQB023624 x 5282D - 3DScatteredHillyFarmDirt----
QBQB024368 x 5922D - 3DScatteredHillyFarmDirt----
QBQB025800 x 10082D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirtStream'--
QBQB0263040 x 20002D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirtRiver--
QBQB0273040 x 20002D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirtRiver--
QBQB028960 x 5282D - 3DWoodedRollingFarmDirtStream--
QBQB0291008 x 16002D - 3DWoodedFlatVillageDirtSwamp--
QBQB0301008 x 16002D - 3DWoodedFlatVillageDirtSwamp--
QBQB0312480 x 22242D - 3DOpenRollingFarmDirt----
QBQB0322480 x 22242D - 3DOpenRollingFarmDirt----
QBQB033544 x 4962D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB034752 x 11042D - 3DOpenHillyVillageDirt----
QBQB0351840 x 12322D - 3DOpenHillyVillageDirtRiver--
QBQB0361344 x 8482D - 3DOpenHillyVillageDirt----
QBQB0371072 x 8162D - 3DMixedHillyFarmDirtStream--
QBQB0381576 x 8162D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB039720 x 11842D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirtStream--
QBQB040720 x 10242D - 3DMixedRollingVillageDirtStream--
QBQB0411600 x 10402D - 3DMixedFlatFarmDirt----
QBQB0421600 x 16002D - 3DMixedFlatFarmDirt----
QBQB0431600 x 12002D - 3DOpenRollingVillagePavedStreamModerate
QBQB0441200 x 12002D - 3DMixedFlatVillagePavedStreamHeavy
QBQB045480 x 4162D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved----
QBQB046544 x 3362D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved----
QBQB047688 x 7362D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved----
QBQB048816 x 6882D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved----
QBQB049416 x 5282D - 3DOpenRollingScatteredRails--Heavy
QBQB050560 x 4002D - 3DOpenRollingScatteredRails--Heavy
QBQB051416 x 8482D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPavedStream--
QBQB052400 x 8162D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPavedStream--
QBQB053640 x 11682D - 3DOpenFlatTownPavedStream--
QBQB054640 x 12162D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPavedStream--
QBQB0551008 x 9442D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB0561008 x 9922D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB057720 x 4962D - 3DScatteredHillyTownDirt----
QBQB058768 x 4962D - 3DScatteredHillyTownDirt----
QBQB059544 x 8002D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB060544 x 8642D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB0611536 x 9922D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB0621488 x 9922D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB063608 x 8002D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved----
QBQB064704 x 7362D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPavedStream--
QBQB065800 x 9282D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirt----
QBQB066800 x 10082D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirt----
QBQB0671264 x 10082D - 3DScatteredHillyVillagePaved----
QBQB0681408 x 10082D - 3DOpenHillyVillagePaved----
QBQB069608 x 11522D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirt----
QBQB070608 x 15042D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirt----
QBQB071640 x 5442D - 3DOpenHillyVillageDirt--Moderate
QBQB072736 x 5442D - 3DOpenHillyVillageDirt--Moderate
QBQB073912 x 8162D - 3DScatteredFlatVillagePavedStream--
QBQB0741008 x 8162D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirtStream--
QBQB075864 x 7682D - 3DScatteredRollingVillageDirtStream--
QBQB0761040 x 5762D - 3DWoodedRollingVillageDirt----
QBQB0771072 x 8962D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirtStream--
QBQB078912 x 8162D - 3DScatteredHillyFarmPavedStream--
QBQB079560 x 9122D - 3DScatteredFlatTownPavedStream--
QBQB080656 x 6082D - 3DScatteredHillyTownPaved----
QBQB081560 x 8642D - 3DScatteredFlatTownPavedStream'--
QBQB082688 x 5122D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved'--'--
QBQB0831024 x 10242D - 3DOpenFlatVillageDirt--'--
QBQB0841072 x 11842D - 3DWoodedHillyFarmDirtStream--
QBQB Bessarabian Nights416 x 4482D - 3DWoodedFlatNoneRails----Deepstuff
QBQB Bessarabian Nights Hills416 x 4482D - 3DWoodedHillyNoneRails----Deepstuff
QBQB Fat Lipki304 x 4482D - 3DMixedFlatVillageGravel----Deepstuff
QBQB Forest Meeting1040 x 10402D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageDirt--HeavyMichael Dorosh
QBQB Hills Meeting960 x 9602D - 3DScatteredHillyVillagePaved----Michael Dorosh
QBQB med_city_002720 x 7522D - 3DScatteredFlatTownPaved/RailsRiverLights
QBQB Meeting800 x 9602D - 3DOpenRollingVillageDirt----Michael Dorosh
QBQB Panzer Crossroads896 x 6082D - 3DWoodedFlatVillagePaved----Deepstuff
QBQB Panzer Crossroads Hills992 x 6082D - 3DWoodedHillyVillagePaved----Deepstuff
QBQB small_city_003416 x 4642D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved/RailsRiver--
QBQB small_city_004592 x 3362D - 3DUrbanFlatCityGravel/RailsRiverHeavy
QBQB tiny_city 005208 x 2082D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPaved--Heavy
QBQB tiny_village_001320 x 3202D - 3DScatteredFlatVillageGravel----
QBQB Titans704 x 4802D - 3DScatteredRollingVillagePaved--Moderate
MARadzymin Master Map 12480 x 26882D - 3DOpenFlatTownPavedStream--Pete Wenman
MARadzymin Master Map 22720 x 22402D - 3DOpenFlatTownPaved----Pete Wenman
MARadzymin Master Map 32816 x 26082D - 3DOpenFlatVillagePavedStream--Pete Wenman
MARadzymin Master Map 42160 x 28162D - 3DOpenFlatVillagePaved----Pete Wenman
MARadzymin Master Map 53296 x 22722D - 3DOpenFlatVillagePavedStream--Pete Wenman
MARadzymin Master Map Full 25696 x 56962D OpenFlatTownPavedStream--Pete Wenman
SCRed Hordes1600 x 12002D - 3DOpenRollingVillagePavedStreamModerate
SCRetaking of Koshtovnist2016 x 10082D - 3DOpenFlatTownGravelStream--Nelson 1812
SCRettet Soldat Reinhart352 x 3202D - 3DUrbanFlatCityPavedRiverHeavykohlenklau
SCRight Hook at Sopockinie2144 x 31202D - 3DOpenRollingTownDirt--ModerateRokko
SCRossman at Kodersdorf4000 x 19202D - 3DOpenFlatTownPavedStream--olebouch
SCRough Land704 x 5602D - 3DWoodedFlatScatteredDirt----Reiter
SCRough-Marsh-Hills2368 x 26402D - 3DScatteredHillyVillageDirtStream--H1nd
SCRun400 x 3202D - 3DMixedRollingFarmDirt----kevinkin
SCSlobudka1920 x 19202D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirtStream--Ramirez
SCSmall Village in the Woods512 x 4802D - 3DWoodedRollingVillageGravel----Bootie
SCStudienka3040 x 20002D - 3DOpenHillyTownDirtRiver--George MC
SCSwamp People320 x 3202D - 3DWoodedFlatFarm----Moderatekevinkin
SCSyrtsevo1024 x 10082D - 3DOpenHillyVillageDirtStream--Hoth
SCTankovyi Desant1008 x 5282D - 3DWoodedRollingFarmDirtStream--George MC
SCThe Passage2592 x 24002D - 3DOpenFlatFarmDirt----
SCThe Railsyard at Pitrovsk768 x 6242D - 3DWoodedFlatTownRailsStream--Juju Grotjans
SCTrainspotting v111200 x 10082D - 3DScatteredRollingTownDirtStream--PanzerMike
MATTR Master Map 15520 x 15042D - 3DOpenRollingTownPavedStream--Stephen Hilla
MATTR Master Map 23856 x 20002D - 3DOpenRollingTownPavedStream--Stephen Hilla
MATTR Master Map 32624 x 25442D - 3DOpenRollingTownPavedStream--Stephen Hilla
SCVorposten784 x 6242D - 3DOpenRollingVillagePaved--ModeratePanzerMike
SCWithdrawal from Kuban1552 x 14082D - 3DOpenFlatTownPaved/Rails--ModerateHoth
SCWoods400 x 4002D - 3DWoodedHillyFarmDirt----kevinkin
SCWoroblin Bridgehead1360 x 16962D - 3DMixedFlatNone--River--

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